14 years of FLY AVIA on the aviation market: the success in the past, looking into the future.

The company FLY AVIA was established in 2005 by a team of like-minded people, who come up with an idea of creating a company that meets the requirements of the 21st century.
Extensive market experience, deep knowledge, modern equipment and a team of top professionals in their field – all of it has been the foundation of the success of our company for several years.


The purpose

The company’s policy is focused on long-term partnerships. We are ready for solid business partnerships and are confident that working with us will help you achieve your goals.


Our job

The goal of the company is to create an effective, sustainable system of sales and services combined with high quality products through finest price-quality ratio of products and close economic relations with multiple companies in the aviation sector.


Our pride

The success of FLY-AVIA is primarily the merit of our staff who are professionals in their field, successfully cooperate with developers, manufacturers and operators of aircraft. We deeply appreciate the people working for our company.


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