Supply of aviation
technical equipment


Overhaul and repair


Modernization of technical
bases and fleet

FLY AVIA, LLC is a private aviation service company headquartered in Moscow, Russia that specializes in servicing Russian-made helicopters. The company traces its history back to 2005 and is interested in expanding the dealer network and establishment of new sales offices.

The FLY AVIA, LLC operates in three business segments: Supply of helicopters, their spare parts, units and components, Organization of repair of aircraft, engines and major assemblies, Upgrading and Installation of additional equipment and additional work at the request of the customer.

In its work the FLY AVIA, LLC uses the existing licenses for the development, manufacture, testing, repair and overhaul of Aircraft as well as the certificate of ISO: 9001:2015.

Numerous foreign business partners have been cooperating with the FLY AVIA, LLC throughout the many years including:

  • Hindustan Aeronautic Limited (India),

  • Aviation Industry Corporation of China ,

  • Poly Technologies Inc. (P's R. of China),

  • China Taly Aviation Technologies Corp.,

  • Bangladesh Air Force,

  • National Policia del Peru,

  • Babcock Mission Critical Services Espana SAU (Spain),

  • AVIA BALTICA Aviation Ltd. (Lithuania),

  • LOM PRAHA s.p. (the Czech Republic), etc.

For the operational solution of logistic tasks the FLY AVIA, LLC have storage programs and warehouses in the United Arab Emirates and the European Union.

If you are interested in the startup and realization of your business projects in Russia the FLY AVIA, LLC is ready for collaboration and is able to assist you honestly and effectively.

Hoping for mutually beneficial cooperation.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more about our services:

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